Class Questions and Answers

Question:  How is your class structured?

Answer: We teach both Jive and Rock’n’Roll classes on several nights.

Each course runs for 6 weeks.

Sundays Beginners Class starts at 4pm and finishes at 5pm.

This is then followed by an Improvers Class from 5pm till 6pm.  Social Dancing follows till 7.30pm

Tuesdays Beginners Class starts at 7.30pm and finishes at 8.30pm.

This is then followed by an Improvers Class from 8.30pm till 9.30pm.  Social Dancing follows.

If the course starts with a Beginners Jive, it is always followed by Improvers Rock’n’Roll course. Consequently if it starts with a Beginners Rock‘n’Roll class it is always followed by a Improvers Jive class.

We switch the order every 6 weeks Therefore an absolute Beginner starting a 6 week Jive course would only be able to do the first hour of Beginners Jive. They could sit and watch the Improvers Rock’n’Roll course. However after their 6 week course they are actively encouraged to start the Beginners Rock’n’Roll and also migrate naturally to their improvers Jive course.

With time, dancers realise the requirement to learn both styles to accommodate various beats of music. Experienced social dancers  float in and out of both styles continuously during their social routines.

On Thursday night the structure is different. On this night we teach an advance dancing course. On this evening obviously no beginners are allowed. The course is open to all who have finished a number of improvers course’s or to any dancer from any area eager to learn more advanced moves that are a little too difficult to teach at Improver level. This class runs for 1.5 hrs and is a test of one’s fitness level.  Moves incorporating a number of styles are taught and the routines may change each week to keep all students on their toes.

Question:  How much are the classes?

Answer: The whole night whether you do one or both classes costs just $15.

Question:  What do I do after I have completed a 6 week course?

Answer: This depends on each individual…..Some people stick to doing the Beginners Course in each style twice.  This gives those individuals a great foundation of Basics.  Others are not too happy at just doing Beginners for that amount of time.  If it doesn’t suit you, by all means try the Improvers class.  Everyone learns at a different pace.

Question:  Do I need a Partner?

Answer: No, you don’t need a partner.  We rotate in our classes constantly.  You will not be standing out for longer than a minute. 

Question:  What do I wear?

Answer: Shoes must be comfortable, firm fitting with a leather or suede sole.  This enables the wearer to dance where as rubber based shoes will inhibit your dancing.  We discourage ladies from wearing high heals as this can be both dangerous for the wearer and for other people on the floor.  Flat and low heeled shoes enable you to move faster and have a good balance with the floor.

Clothes are casual and to each persons choice.  No matter what the weather, you will get hot, so layer yourself enabling you to discard your jumper or cardigan to keep cool.

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