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The Pubjive & Rock’n’Roll School originated in Darwin in 1989. Every Pub Jive Club or School in WA, Queensland and throughout Australia owes its existence in some tangible way to the formation of our school 30 years ago. 

The founder Paul O’Hare coined the name Pubjive and Rock ‘n’ Roll to emphasize a social and fun environment and to distract from the more serious competitive dancing that was currently in vogue. To attract more men in to the original female dominated styles the word Pub was inserted. Little did Paul know how successful his simple strategy was to become.

When Paul brought his style of dancing to Perth in 1992 only the Perth Rock and Roll club (now many years defunct) existed. They taught a handful of students at the Aberdeen hotel in Northbridge. After teaching in a number of areas in Perth including Mandurah, Rockingham, Mundijong, Kelmscott, Scarborough and Floreat to name a few, Paul was invited to teach at the old Raffles Hotel. Huge classes became a feature of the premises and many of his students have taken his original concept and started to teach classes themselves. The name of Pubjive and all its variations is now firmly entrenched in Perth.


Paul met Sylvia, his wife, in 1997 and the two of them have become established teachers in both Jive and Rock ’n’ Roll styles.




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